Fine Art Scanning – Drum Scanning

Fine art scanning is our specialty! TheScanLab committed to fine art and photography scanning, The ScanLab uses both the Crosfield 6000 and Fujifilm Celsis 6250 drum scanner (and has for many years) to produce the highest quality reproduction. Have your project looking the best it can be. And it doesnt stop there. There’s excitment all around with the arrival of ScanLabs’ new Lasergraphics motion picture film scanner. The quality just doesn’t stop!

See Drum Scanning Specs
Scan reflective art original size up to 19” x 26” .
Originals must be flexible enough to wrap around a drum about the circumference of a basketball, and not shed loose objects.

Scan film– negative, positive and transparency up to 11”x17”.

CMYK color at 8bit comes standard, or RGB upon request.

Maximum suggested enlargements for 35mm film is 1100%

Slides and transparencies will be wet mounted in a special oil which will be cleaned after scanning.

The Crosfield drum scanner? Its older technology but nothing today surpasses the quality.Fredrick Flintstone

As each project is unique, ScanLab will attempt to provide an accurate and cost effective price to you based on the information we receive. Tell us about your fine art scanning project. This should include:

  • Original Materials – List Items to be scanned. (Photographic prints; Photographic slides/transparencies; Reflective art (illustrations, et al); other.
  • Scanned to size… inches, millimeters or %.
  • DPI for output (print, web, etc)
  • Any post-scanning work to be done, this may include retouching or custom color correcting.