Fine Art Scanning – Drum Scanning

Fine Art Scanning – Preserving Your Artistry

At ScanLab, fine art scanning is our passion and specialty! We are committed to delivering the highest quality reproduction for your fine art and photography projects. With years of experience, we proudly use both the Crosfield 6000 and Fujifilm Celsis 6250 drum scanners to ensure your work looks its absolute best. But that’s not all—excitement abounds with the addition of our new Lasergraphics motion picture film scanner, raising the bar for exceptional quality!

Unparalleled Drum Scanning Specs

Our drum scanning process is designed to capture every intricate detail of your artwork, resulting in unparalleled precision and clarity. The combination of our advanced drum scanners and skilled technicians ensures that your fine art pieces are faithfully reproduced with the utmost care.

Customized for Your Unique Project

We understand that each project is one-of-a-kind, deserving of personalized attention. To provide you with an accurate and cost-effective price, we tailor our services to your specific requirements. When telling us about your fine art scanning project, please include the following:

Original Materials: Provide a list of items to be scanned, such as photographic prints, photographic slides/transparencies, reflective art (illustrations, et al), or any other materials.

Scanned to Size: Let us know the desired dimensions, whether in inches, millimeters, or a percentage of the original size.

DPI for Output: Specify the resolution required for your intended output, whether for print, web, or other purposes.

Post-Scanning Work: Inform us of any post-scanning work you may need, such as retouching or custom color correcting, to achieve your desired final results.

Preserve Your Artistry with ScanLab

Entrust your fine art and photography projects to ScanLab’s expert team. With our dedication to preserving the essence of your creations, your artwork will shine in its full glory. Contact us today to begin your fine art scanning journey with ScanLab.