8mm 16mm 35mm film transfer
Film Scanning

8mm 16mm 35mm film transfer services from the ScanLab. The ScanLab is committed to preserving our film heritage. Whether its a fresh print from the lab, or warped and dye faded film from yesteryear, our Lasergraphics Film Scanner is engineered to create the best possible digitization from any film type… up to 5K. 35, 16 and 8mm, print, IP or negative, any perf configuration.

A state-of-the-art system for scanning new film projects as well as invaluable archival film assets.

  • Outstanding image stabilization maintaining perfect registration
  • Sprocketless capstan drive for gentle film handling
  • Frontline primary color grading
  • Scan film to ProRes444/422; 10-16 bit DPX; 16-bit TIFF; uncompressed AVI, etc, up to 5K resolution
  • Exceptional splice tolerance– no lateral shifts

Your films will be cleaned and examined prior to scanning. For more information on Scanlab’s custom services including film grading and color correcting as well as film restoration please visit Cinegraph.ca

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